New business cards

After a few months of deliberating, we had Lee Wong from Little Irrepressible Wonton finalize the designs for our business cards. We had the Sun Microsystems iForce Partner logo included, as well as the updates to our address.

Adam and I each have two sorts of card; one has a title, and the other doesn’t. Why? For some people, we want to be the Technical Director of our company, for others, we’re just the guys that do the work ;)


The print quality is a fair bit better than the image shows, and the cards have a matt sheen finish to them. I’m sure it has a proper name, but I don’t know what it is.

Again, mega kudos to James from Studio9ine for such a wicked logo.

It’s all about style

I’ve settled on the Georgia Blue style for the site, until I get my crayons out and whip up a more personal stylesheet. There’s a problem, where the right columns are not wrapping properly for me, but that might just be because of a lack of entries so far… we’ll see.

Edit: it appears that indeed it is just a lack of content causing the display to run wild. I guess I’ll have to think of interesting things to say. Actually, I should import the interesting things I wanted to keep from the ol’