Thinkpad keyboard lag fix

IBM have a fix for the keyboard lag problem my R40 has. When using Putty to connect to a remote machine, the keyboard would lag behind with input. Now, I have this documented, so when the reinstall happens, I know where to look ;)

SSH auto-authentication

For work I had to work out a way to SSH from one Debian machine to another. I knew that it was possible, and here’s how.

Both of these machines are running ssh2 (OpenSSH) so if we wanted to connect from Lifeline (local) to Firefly (remote) we’d need to do the following:

First, generate a public/private DSA key pair on Lifeline.

mlambie@lifeline:~$ ssh-keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa

When you are asked for a passphrase, leave it empty. Now send the public key to Firefly.

mlambie@lifeline:~$ cd .ssh/
mlambie@lifeline:~/.ssh$ scp mlambie@firefly:~/.ssh

Next, log in to Firefly and add the public key to the list of authorized keys.

mlambie@lifeline:~/.ssh$ ssh mlambie@firefly
mlambie@firefly:~$ cd .ssh/
mlambie@firefly:~/.ssh$ cat >> authorized_keys2
mlambie@firefly:~/.ssh$ chmod 640 authorized_keys2
mlambie@firefly:~/.ssh$ rm -f

Note that the filename is authorized_keys2, not authorized_keys.

And that’s about it, now when you’re logged in to Lifeline, you can SSH to Firefly and not be prompted for a password (which is really handy for rsync backup scripts).

Update: 23/10/2005 12:07PM
It’s been a while, but I use this a lot now. It can better be performed using Debian/Ubuntu’s “ssh-copy-id” command, like this:

mlambie@stormshadow:~$ ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ mlambie@machine

Go team Matt!

Update: 26/06/2006 11:59AM
On the Mac I don’t have ssh-copy-id, so it’s best to use:

mlambie@stormshadow:~$ cat .ssh/ | ssh hostname 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys2'

Update: 31/03/2008 12:55PM
An even better solution is to make a bash function that does this for you.

mlambie@stormshadow:~$ cat ~/.profile
# Your previous .profile  (if any) is saved as .profile.mpsaved
# Setting the path for MacPorts.
export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH
export DISPLAY=:0.0

function authme {
  ssh $1 'cat >>.ssh/authorized_keys2' < ~/.ssh/

mlambie@stormshadow:~$ source ~/.profile
mlambie@stormshadow:~$ authme servername

Our romantic rendezvous

Maggie and myself spent last night at Rendezvous Observation City thanks to Sandi (Maggie’s boss). It was a Christmas bonus that we decided to cash in on, as it was our 18 month anniversary on the 10th of February. Also, with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, staying on Thursday night meant we were in the middle of the two celebrations.

Maggie got off work at 2:00PM and was at my house for about 3:00PM. Richie came over and we chatted fora few minutes (he has a new lady in his life now ;) before leaving for the hotel. We checked in, and went straight down to the pool for half an hour.

We got fish and chips and ate them on our balcony, overlooking the pool, and beyond that, the beach. With the sun going down and the lights coming up, it was really romantic. Later we hit the spa, and spent the whole night chilling out. As usual, we talked heaps, mostly about getting a place together in the middle of the year. Yay! We went for a walk around Scarborough, and along the beach, and I got some glass in my foot. I got one piece out, and didn’t notice the other until this morning.

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel (again, thanks to Sandi) and then we went to the chemist to get some surgery tools to remove the glass in my foot. I got this cool digging stick (it is called a splinter removal officially) that has two sharp pointed ends, one at an angle. I didn’t manage to get the other piece of glass out (I don’t think, it may have been removed, and it’s the cut in my foot that hurts now) but did succeed in making a hole in my foot.

We then took our bags to the car and spent about 30 minutes in the pool and spa, before leaving.

Maggie has an appointment with her optometrist this afternoon, so I’ll see her after that, when we go to Kristy and Chad’s for dinner tonight.

Sun Microsystems Get Smart 2004 Seminar

Today Adam and myself arose early to have breakfast with a bunch of like-minded nerds at the Sherraton Hotel in Perth. Sun Microsystems held their Get Smart 2004 breakfast seminar in Perth, and we attended to see where Sun was going over the next 12-18 months. Being iForce Developer members, we’re interested in how this will affect The Frontier Group with respect to the services and products we are able to offer our clients.

The breakfast was hosted by Anne Fulwood who I thought did a good job. Several of Sun Australia’s big shots where there, including Michael May, Angus MacDonald, Duncan Bennet and Laurie Wong. I first met Duncan in Perth in 2003 at the Australian Linux Conference, and last saw him in Adelaide at LCA 2004, where I met Laurie. Laurie is currently discussing the inclusion of Copper with the Java Desktop System with Ben from element software. Small world ;)

They talked about the new innovations happening at Sun, and showed off examples of the Sun Ray terminal, and Java Desktop System. For me, the highlight was the demonstration of Project Looking Glass. Laurie said it was available as an Open Source project, but the website says otherwise. I’ll have to e-mail him and see if I can get a copy to play with. It’s nothing short of amazing, and really shows a new way of thinking with the use of a 3D desktop.


“But what about Exposé?” I hear you ask. Well, Looking Glass kicks it’s ass. It’s what Exposé should aspire to be.

After the seminar I spoke with Duncan briefly, and met Angus MacDonald, Chief Technology Officer for Sun Microsystems Australia and New Zealand. He was really friendly and we talked about what The Frontier Group is doing, the new v20z AMD Opteron based servers Sun is offering, how we link in with element and what we’re working on now. He was aware of Copper, and paid a whole lot more attention when we told him we were now the key developers behind the impending 2.5 release (when Ben gets us some specifications). He wants me to “keep in contact” and said next time he was in Perth he’d like to meet up with us. Wicked.

The breakafst was good; bacon, eggs, tomato, muffins and mushrooms. There was a nice range of pastries, and of course the coffee is always good when you’re dealing with IT people. To top things off, we got a cool jar with chocolate Smarties in it.