New shoes; money boxes cleaned out

I’m going to jam two posts into one. Here goes.

New Shoes

Asics Gel Kayano 13Yesterday i went into the city to get some new running shoes. The pair of Nike Pegasus I already have are pretty old, were never that great, are cross-trainers rather than road runners and were most recently used for paintball with Steve and Aaron. Time to gear-up.

At the marathon on the weekend every second person was wearing Asics and I knew they were a well respected brand when it came to running shoes. I figured that this was a good enough reason to get some myself. A-Mart Allsport had the current model discounted from $260 to $199 simply because there is a new colour in the range and everyone wants yellow over blue. Fine by me.

I took them our for a spin last night and was very impressed. Admittedly it was only about 1.7km on the treadmill (that’s as far as I got in 10 minutes) at the gym with Maggie but I don’t see myself doing more than 5-7km runs in them frequently. The long-haul runs don’t interest me and I get bored. Aaron reckons they’re great for that kind of distance – he has a pair too.

The reality is that if I want to do well at this year’s BJJ Nationals then some running is going to be necessary. The ability to push that extra 30 seconds when you have entire muscle fatigue is something that I want to know I have. Adam’s making us do strength and conditioning exercises (which are basically different types of squats for longer than you’d like) with each class now designed specifically to target this need.

Money Boxes

I have a variety of money boxes – my Colorado tin in my wardrobe, the “bingo money” jar on my desk at home and both the Lego brick and ANZ pig on my desk at work. It was time to crack them open. I’m glad I did because I earned $253.25 in total, which means my shoes were free and I got fifty bung for nothing.