A novel approach to motivation

I tend to spread myself fairly thin sometimes, juggling multiple hobbies and interests alongside my work and family commitments. This is especially apparent with health and fitness. In the last few months I’ve trained Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA, taken up ballet, learnt to skydive, lifted weights at the gym, competed in a handful of triathlons, run an unofficial half marathon and ridden the Freeway Bike Hike. Some of these were free, like my midnight run around the river, but for everyone hobby there’s a fee attached.

Unfortunately it’s hard to fit all that I want to do into the time I have available, and that’s meant that my gym membership has been dormant for probably close to a few months. In our household we typically have the family money cover health and exercise related expenses, and whilst my membership is only $25 per fortnight, it’s money that I was wasting. It doesn’t come out of my weekly allowance, which I spend on things like coffee, comics and Lego, so I don’t feel it personally.

Inspired by Nat and Lisa‘s hockey team, I now fine myself $15 every Saturday if I don’t lift during the week. If I want to avoid the fine all I have to do is a few sets in the gym and I not only get the exercise benefit, but I save myself some cash.

2008 City to Surf results are in

The results have been posted online. I competed in the 4km run, along with Adam and Emma. In true TFG-fashion, Adam and I came across the line pretty much together, with only two seconds between us.

We finished place 120 and 121 for our category: mens 19-29 with times of 24:25 and 24:27. Emma came across in 25:40 which put her in 93rd place for her category.

From what I could tell, none of us had trained for the run and even though it was only 4km, the times indicate how much traffic there was in our way. Adam took the off-road approach and was pushing uphill through sand on the embankment for most of the race whilst I plowed through the crowd, ducking and weaving. It’s hard to run fast under those conditions, but that wasn’t the main goal after all. I lost Emma in the crowd after the first few hundred metres, but her time shows that she wasn’t too far behind us.

The run has partly re-motivated me to start running again, though I’m only going to focus on the 4-6km circuits as I don’t really get much out of the long haul (10km+) distances. I find that I don’t often get “into the zone” that a lot of runners talk about and it’s just hard work. In fact… I’m going out for a run now.

Seemed like a good idea… at the time

I’m sitting at my desk after having uploaded a few photos from tonight’s festivities at Cut Copy. They’re nothing flash – certainly nothing compared to what Tony might have captured if he was here!”

But that’s not what’s bothering me. I’m trying to down the litre bottle of water that Maggie jammed in the fridge yesterday afternoon because I know that’s the only thing that will keep me hangover-free. It’s hard work, and I don’t really want to drink it but I know I have to.

See I told Emma that I’d run the half marathon with her. What the fuck was I thinking? That’s the problem – I wasn’t thinking at all. I’m really hoping that she sleeps through her alarm (which should be set for about 4 hours time) and doesn’t recall me egging her on at all.

But if she does wake up and wants to run, she can call me and we’ll struggle through it together.

And now some motivational words from Buffy.

I touch the fire and it freezes me. I look into it and it’s black. Why can’t I feel? My skin should crack and peel. I want the fire back. Now through the smoke she calls to me, to make my way across the flame. To save the day, or maybe melt away – I guess it’s all the same. So I will walk through the fire,  ‘cos where else can I turn? I will walk through the fire and let it…

The torch I bear it’s scorching me. Buffy’s laughing I’ve no doubt. I hope she fries – I’m free if that bitch dies. I’d better help her out…

‘Cos she is drawn to the fire. Some people/she will never learn. And she will walk through the fire, and let it…

Will this do a thing to change her. Am I leaving Dawn in danger? Is my slayer too far gone to care?

What if Buffy can’t defeat it?

Beady eyes is right- we’re needed. Or we could just sit around and glare.

We’ll see it through, it’s what we’re always here to do, so we will walk through the fire.

So one by one they turn from me. I guess my friends can’t face the cold. But why I froze; not one among them knows, and never can be told.

She came from the grave, much graver.Â

First he’ll kill her, then I’ll save her.

Everything is turning out so dark.

No I’ll save her then I’ll kill her.

I think this line’s mostly filler.

It’s what they had to strike a spark.

These endless days are finally ending in a blaze, and we are caught in the fire. The point of no return. So we will walk through the fire and let it… burn… let it… burn… let it… burn… let it burn.

Hello pavement, remember me?

I went for the first run today with my new shoes and it was both a failure and a success, but mostly a success.

The goal was to just get “on the road.” According to my Nike+ training I needed to run 3km today to be on target for my 12 week program, so that was all I was really chasing. I didn’t want to be behind after the first day!

The first run I made it 500m down Albany Highway to the Skipper’s Mitsubishi repair centre (on the corner of Geddes Street) before my right knee became too much to handle.

Yes, a whole 500m of the intended 5km. Frown.

It started as a bit of a twinge but by the time I stopped I was limping as I ran. I sat for 2 minutes and stretched out my legs – maybe warm ups are not entirely a bad idea :)

After this I reset my ambition to 3km and set off running around the various streets in Victoria Park. I ran past Adult Shop a few times, my house three times and the Skipper’s repair place twice. I was not so concerned with the route as much as the distance. I’ve not run for 7 months according to the Nike+ website, though I did a small bit of training for the triathlon.

The lovely Apple lady reminded me at each point how far I’d run or how far I had remaining and over the last 500m she spurred me on at each 100m interval.

I had 200m remaining as I hit my front door so I continued on down to Adult Shop (this was the third pass) and turned around when she said I had 100m left.

All up I’m happy that I actually got some running in, even though it was shorter that I wanted. I’m going to run according to the training I think which might be hard on Monday :)

Interestingly, my pace hasn’t dropped since I stopped running 7 months ago. Admittedly, it’s not fantastic, but my fitness has probably been maintained with the jiu jitsu at least.

I still think I run “better” on a treadmill because it sets the pace and I maintain it rather than having to regulate my velocity manually. The Nano will tell me my current pace every time I hit the centre button but I don’t like pestering the Apple lady for some reason :)

Buying another ensures I’ll find the first

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2+A while back I bought the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. It’s a package that contains two parts: a sensor that goes in your shoe and a receiver that jams in the butt of your iPod. Hehe… butt.

I didn’t have the proper Nike+ running shoes (they have a space in the sole where you place the sensor) so I put the sensor in a plastic case attached to the laces of my Asics. When I competed in the triathlon I thought it would be a good idea to take the plastic case and sensor off my shoes because I wouldn’t be using it. That meant that I put it somewhere safe… never to be found again. Or rather, it ensured I wouldn’t find it again until I bought a replacement.

Recently Tommi’s been pushing the Nike+ website and asking me to get onboard again. He’s running the kind of distances that I like (3-6km) rather than the 10+km that the Sunday Running Crew tackle. He’s made a few challenges and I’ve signed up for a 5km, 12 week online training program. I had a bunch of reasons.

Then Nike had 30% off in their Harbourtown store today for 2 hours only. I bought a new kit and some Nike+ shoes (Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2+ to be precise). I figured with the discount and me “saving” money on another plastic casing unit, the shoes were only about $80 so what the hell.

Don’t you hate this: buying a replacement for something you lost, but know you’ll find again? What have you lost, or thought you’d lost, and did you find it after purchasing its replacement?