Ray Park as Snake-Eyes

Snake EyesThe first few images of Ray Park dressed in costume as Snake-Eyes for the coming G.I. Joe feature film have surfaced.

Ray played Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace so we know he’s got the mad ninja skills. You might recall the final fight scene where Darth Maul takes on two jedis at once. Ahh yeah.

I’m keen to see how the costuming looks for Storm Shadow and the rest of the characters too, especially Scarlett and Baroness.

Larry Hama, who’s famous in the G.I. Joe universe for his involvement in the comic books (amongst other things x3) has hinted that there’ll be replica swords available in his release to Ain’t It Cool News. Considering that two of the main characters are ninjas, this is both sensible and cool.

The fact that Larry’s involved in this movie is great. Taken from his IMDB profile page:

Larry Hama is known as the “father” of the 3 3/4″ Gi Joe figures (he had nothing to do with the 12″ Gi Joe of the 1960-70s). Larry came up with the names for the figures, vehicles and wrote the filecards that came on the back of the cards. He also wrote all 155 issues of the Gi Joe comic book which spanned from June 1982 to December 1994.

… so as you can see, it would have been sacrilegious to not have Larry involved.

The movie is scheduled for release in August 2009 and filming is currently in progress. In the meantime you can use this high-res version as your background:

Snake Eyes

My Side of the Mountain

The other night I had a dream about a book I had read when I was in year 6. Actually, I think the book was read to me and my class by my teacher. I really liked it, but could not remember its name. In the past I’ve remembered the book (but still, not the title) and wondered how I’d track it down. I’d even contemplated trying to find the teacher and asking her.

Then the internet was made.

I threw into Google “book is about a boy who lives in a burnt out tree” and the first result it returned was a link to an Amazon review of the very book I’m chasing: Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain.

I’ll let you read the Wikipedia article, but I think we might have the next title (or three even, as it was the first book in a trilogy) for our Book Club… as soon as I finish The Handmaid’s Tale.

Has anyone else read this book, or have a similar story about a book that’s really stuck in their mind?

Chopper Squad

For the first time, a Google search has returned results that confirm Chopper Squad was not a figment of my childhood imagination.

It was so good – better than the A-Team! Yeah, you heard right. It’s a shame that Channel 10 lost the rights back in 1995.

Oprah paddles backwards

I’m working from home today and have the TV on in the background.

First up Dr. Phil had a show about sugar daddies and urban cougars. It was funny watching the female-mojority audience boo the 40 year old guy who had the 18 year old slut, yet cheer the 39 year old bag with a 24 year old dude.

After Dr. Phil was Oprah, and the first part of her show she interviewd a woman talking about her recent diagnosis with breast cancer. This guest was going to use the power of The Secret to heal herself and it was so funny watching Oprah back flip on how The Secret is meant to work, and disavowing the irresponsible attitude of “if I believe it then it’ll happen.”

What’s scary is that in the film the example of someone healing themselves is used, so it’s clearly misleading people.

I guess Oprah doesn’t want the law suits.