Tips for getting the housework done

Here’s a few tips I’ve collected or discovered over the years, when it comes to getting housework completed:

Put the machines to work  – the first thing you need to do is make sure all the appliances are doing their thing. This means loading the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, and setting them on their way. If you have a robotic vacuum cleaner then get them in the fight too. This is the only legitimate way to multi-task when it comes to cleaning.

Don’t sit down – resting is the enemy of progression, and if you’re sitting down for a second, you’re not moving so you’re not cleaning. There’ll be time to relax when you have finished your chores. Now it’s time to move.

Move things progressively closer to their home – if you’re moving from one room to another, you need to be carrying something that is in this room and needs to be in that room. You don’t have to put it away, just move it closer to the right place. Then when you’re ready to clean up the target room you’ll have all the things you need where you need them.

Pre-load – take some antihistamine if you are likely to sneeze from dusting. Drink some water if you’re going to be sweating while you vacuum. Think ahead and you’ll have less distractions or interruptions while you’re working.

Meditate – tell yourself that this is what you’re doing for the next few hours. observe your actions, and see the activity for what it is – just jobs that need to be done. I like to think about all the people in my family who are benefitting by my work. Elevate your mood (and consciousness) if that helps you focus.

Prioritise – make your bed first so you have a clean surface to fold washing on. Do the most impactful things first.

Listen to to new music choices to find new favourites. Listen to old favourites to find new depth and meaning.