Emily J in Personal Loans


Twice in the last two weeks I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Emily J in Personal Loans (All the details of our initial meeting are in this blog post if you’re curious). Initially she helped me activate and draw down on a personal 1 hour loan and just now she has helped me update the account from which repayments against that loan were being withdrawn. On both occasions I was greeted with a cheerful and emphatic welcome. In fact, her manner on my most recent phone call caused me to suggest that I had dealt with her previously and she was able to confirm that I had indeed spoken to her last. She clearly made an impression on me. At all times Emily kept me informed of the process and talked me through what she was doing. I interacted with her in real-time by emailing additional supporting documentation when I would have expected “please go away and call us back later” from a lesser agent. She proves that efficiency and warmth are not mutually exclusive. At the end of each interaction she asked if I had any further requirements, but I understood her to be genuinely interested, and not merely following script. If I needed more help, she wanted to be the one to provide it.

I asked how best to identify her and she said that Emily J in Personal Loans would be sufficient. Please investigate my history with the ANZ if that is not the case as I very much would like to see Emily’s work acknowledged.

An Australian accent is rare in customer support these days, and I applaud ANZ for recognising that short wait times and friendly staff are a necessary differentiator. It has never been easier for consumers to switch banks, and many times a decision to do so will be as a result of a direct interaction with a staff member. I’d expect that the feedback line of a major corporation is very much aware of this. The increasing availability of interstate and international banking options make it so easy for a consumer to jump from bank to bank, and in fact it was a disappointing interaction I had with a competitor several years ago, combined with positive interactions with your West Perth branch that caused me to become a customer.

Emily’s attitude today reminds me that I made the right choice.

I sincerely hope that Emily is utilised by the bank in a training role, where she might be able to help guide and influence customer support staff.

I’m happy to discuss my feedback further. If possible, I would like confirmation that this was received and an indication as to how this feedback will be used.


Matt Lambie

This email was sent to ANZ’s feedback moments ago. Upon reading back over it, I couldn’t help but see I’d written a blog article as much as I’d written a feedback email.

Update: a few minutes after sending the first email I received another email from ANZ’s West Perth branch following up on a meeting I had with Mathieu and one of their account managers. Seriously ANZ, you’re kicking some major ass right now.