XBMC crashed my Apple TV2 back to the stone age

Has anyone seen this: I was in XBMC last night (Eden build) and it crashed back to the OS, but instead of the usual menu options it was back to the default four (no XBMC, no NitoTV). It’s almost like the crash caused it to restore from a backup firmware. I did a hard reboot on the ATV2 (holding both buttons on the remote for 7 seconds) and it came back but XBMC and NitoTV are still missing.

I thought that maybe an autoupdate had run or something, but I still have iOS v4.1.1 installed.

I’m going to try and find a micro USB cable and use Greenpois0n to┬árestore it again tomorrow, but it’s a worry.

Has anyone seen this before, or has anyone got an alternative ideas?

Update 5th April 2012

After spending more than an hour attempting to jailbreak and upgrade the ATV2, I gave up and plugged it back into the TV. I thought that it would be worth while checking if I could SSH into the device, even though all signs pointed to it no longer being jailbroken. Amazingly, SSH worked just fine and whilst I can’t work out how to restore the menu items, I did find a way to boot into XBMC directly, so whilst that doesn’t solve the initial problem, it solves it well enough. My ATV2 now boots into XBMC by default, which is what I ant 99% of the time anyway.