Missing subscriptions in iCal

If you’re working with subscribed calendars in iCal, and find that you can’t see a subscription in the pop-up selector (I’m on iCal 4, on OS X Lion – yours might be different) then it might be because there are no items in that calendar.

I’m doing some development, where a calendar has three types of entries. It has standard appointments, recurring appointments and a special type of recurring appointment, that a user has assigned to them if they’re in a role for a period of time (think rotating roster). I have the first two types of entries sorted out, and disabled the output of these for testing purposes. This meant that the calendar was empty, and iCal hid it from the list of subscribed calendars. When I tried to add it again I got the error:

This is a duplicate calendar. This subscription calendar already exists in every account that supports subscription calendars.

If you’re having a similar issue, it might be because of this. On reflection, I can see why they’re hiding the calendar if there’s nothing there, but it made my debugging painful.

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  1. All of our MAC computers have the Lion system, but only 2 of them show one of the calendars after subscribing to it. However none of the events are displayed. On the other computers the calendar does not even show in the Subscribed list. How do you change the types of entries in iCal? I don’t see the choice for “standard.”

  2. Kathy: Can you confirm that there are entries in the calendars that you’re subscribed to? I’m not sure what you mean by “standard” entries, but might be able to help with more information.

  3. THANK YOU!! It is working now!!!! The entries were on a different calendar that was the default. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong. Your post was the only one that even addressed the issue.

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