43 Things

I’ve known about 43 Things for a while but never made an account or really given it too much thought. It’s a website where people can make a loose list of goals or tasks that they want to achieve. There’s no real formal structure to the goal so it’s not a “to-do” list in the traditional sense. Also, it seems to be used for more longer-term goals rather than “buy some milk on the way home from work.” You simply represent your goal with a short sentence, which means that some people set lofty “one day I’ll get there” goals whilst others prefer “before this time I’ll do” type goals.

Last year I had a similar project going myself, which I managed to mostly achieve. I’m going to start using 43 Things and see if it works for me. I’ve entered a few goals into the system and will build upon it as I go. I don’t want to “me too” another person’s goal unless there’s real legitimacy that I’ll undertake them.

I was surprised that only 19 other people are fans of Office Space.

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