The day I had my cherry popped

Today I had my first ristretto. According to Epic Espresso:

A single extraction of coffee containing all the essential oils in a short volume. The connoisseur’s choice. Restretto is Italian for ‘restricted.’ 

It’s the first time that I’ve had “black” coffee and I actually liked it. I think I’ll stick to lattes though as I like a bit more longevity from my coffee experiences.

Who else has had a ristretto before, and what did you think?

One Reply to “The day I had my cherry popped”

  1. About six years ago I had my first restretto and its all I drink now. I think the problem most people have is they try it, short black coffees that is, at places that typically make awful coffee. And you need some premium shit to make restrettos stand out.

    I’ve never been to epic, but I hear really good things about it.

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