2008 City to Surf results are in

The results have been posted online. I competed in the 4km run, along with Adam and Emma. In true TFG-fashion, Adam and I came across the line pretty much together, with only two seconds between us.

We finished place 120 and 121 for our category: mens 19-29 with times of 24:25 and 24:27. Emma came across in 25:40 which put her in 93rd place for her category.

From what I could tell, none of us had trained for the run and even though it was only 4km, the times indicate how much traffic there was in our way. Adam took the off-road approach and was pushing uphill through sand on the embankment for most of the race whilst I plowed through the crowd, ducking and weaving. It’s hard to run fast under those conditions, but that wasn’t the main goal after all. I lost Emma in the crowd after the first few hundred metres, but her time shows that she wasn’t too far behind us.

The run has partly re-motivated me to start running again, though I’m only going to focus on the 4-6km circuits as I don’t really get much out of the long haul (10km+) distances. I find that I don’t often get “into the zone” that a lot of runners talk about and it’s just hard work. In fact… I’m going out for a run now.

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