Hello pavement, remember me?

I went for the first run today with my new shoes and it was both a failure and a success, but mostly a success.

The goal was to just get “on the road.” According to my Nike+ training I needed to run 3km today to be on target for my 12 week program, so that was all I was really chasing. I didn’t want to be behind after the first day!

The first run I made it 500m down Albany Highway to the Skipper’s Mitsubishi repair centre (on the corner of Geddes Street) before my right knee became too much to handle.

Yes, a whole 500m of the intended 5km. Frown.

It started as a bit of a twinge but by the time I stopped I was limping as I ran. I sat for 2 minutes and stretched out my legs – maybe warm ups are not entirely a bad idea :)

After this I reset my ambition to 3km and set off running around the various streets in Victoria Park. I ran past Adult Shop a few times, my house three times and the Skipper’s repair place twice. I was not so concerned with the route as much as the distance. I’ve not run for 7 months according to the Nike+ website, though I did a small bit of training for the triathlon.

The lovely Apple lady reminded me at each point how far I’d run or how far I had remaining and over the last 500m she spurred me on at each 100m interval.

I had 200m remaining as I hit my front door so I continued on down to Adult Shop (this was the third pass) and turned around when she said I had 100m left.

All up I’m happy that I actually got some running in, even though it was shorter that I wanted. I’m going to run according to the training I think which might be hard on Monday :)

Interestingly, my pace hasn’t dropped since I stopped running 7 months ago. Admittedly, it’s not fantastic, but my fitness has probably been maintained with the jiu jitsu at least.

I still think I run “better” on a treadmill because it sets the pace and I maintain it rather than having to regulate my velocity manually. The Nano will tell me my current pace every time I hit the centre button but I don’t like pestering the Apple lady for some reason :)

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  1. The widgets don’t work if I set my country to Australia for some reason, but I can change it to the US without any problem and they do work. The calories are not listed because I had my weight as 50kg and it knew I was lying. I’ve now adjusted that accordingly :)

  2. congrats on getting back to the running. sometimes it can be a real effort to get back into doing a form of exercise if you haven’t done it for awhile. you should definitely be proud of yourself :)

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