Buying another ensures I’ll find the first

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2+A while back I bought the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. It’s a package that contains two parts: a sensor that goes in your shoe and a receiver that jams in the butt of your iPod. Hehe… butt.

I didn’t have the proper Nike+ running shoes (they have a space in the sole where you place the sensor) so I put the sensor in a plastic case attached to the laces of my Asics. When I competed in the triathlon I thought it would be a good idea to take the plastic case and sensor off my shoes because I wouldn’t be using it. That meant that I put it somewhere safe… never to be found again. Or rather, it ensured I wouldn’t find it again until I bought a replacement.

Recently Tommi’s been pushing the Nike+ website and asking me to get onboard again. He’s running the kind of distances that I like (3-6km) rather than the 10+km that the Sunday Running Crew tackle. He’s made a few challenges and I’ve signed up for a 5km, 12 week online training program. I had a bunch of reasons.

Then Nike had 30% off in their Harbourtown store today for 2 hours only. I bought a new kit and some Nike+ shoes (Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2+ to be precise). I figured with the discount and me “saving” money on another plastic casing unit, the shoes were only about $80 so what the hell.

Don’t you hate this: buying a replacement for something you lost, but know you’ll find again? What have you lost, or thought you’d lost, and did you find it after purchasing its replacement?

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  1. Tommi was pushing me to invite you, but I was too lazy to forward the message. Plus I thought you weren’t interested in running anymore. Secondly he was too lazy to message you too originally :)

    Also, Sunday we usually run between 5-7km. The farmer loop, or a bit shorter sometimes. Come along sometime if you feel like it!

  2. oh goodness – loads of things! i do that all the time. generally with books or resources. i have that many supersized dices and such from doing that. although it’s not been that bad for me because it’s not as if i can’t use the stuff in my classroom, it just means i have more of it :D

  3. Interestingly iTunes knew it was a new sensor and I can name them appropriately (Asics, Nike, according to the shoes they were/are assigned to).

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