Less is more: 3 > 5

I asked Maggie a few weeks ago to get me some razors and gave her the wrong product name. She got what I asked for, Gillette Mach 3, though I really meant to ask for Gillette Fusion blades. The Mach 3 has 3 cutting blades and the Fusion has 5.

I’ve found that going back to the Mach 3 gives me a much better shave. It looks like jamming more blades into a cartridge doesn’t actually make it a better product.

10 thoughts on “Less is more: 3 > 5”

  1. Your post reminded me of the same onion article – oh onion!

    On a side note I enjoy my old SchickFX with its 3 blades!

  2. I shave with an old-style safety razor and I swear this gets a better shave than the Mach 3 which was state of the art when I got the safety razor.

    This is what I’m talking about. it just takes those double sides Wilkinson Sword blades. They seem to last longer too so the whole experience is cheaper and more rewarding.

    If you’re silly you will cut yourself and so if you’re in a rush it’s a little annoying. I’m still toying with the idea of getting a straight razor some time this year :)

  3. That Onion article is so funny.

    I secretly wanted a cut-throat razor for my 21st birthday but it never came true – probably because I never told anyone ;) My dad uses my grandfather’s safety razor so I should take it off him and use it myself.

  4. Aaron: you have a homosexual razor? I don’t know what preference mine is. Perhaps I should ask!

  5. I’ve gotta say I agree. I felt like the five-blade razor has chewed off half my face by the time I’d done shaving with it … a case off too much of a good thing?

  6. I never understood the ‘more blades’ thing completely. Yes, it would take less time, because 5 blades = 5 strokes with a single blade. But they always touted less irritation, and I’d figure that 5 blades going across your skin is 5 blades, no matter whether it’s done in 5 strokes or in perfect synchronicity with 5 blades at once. Hence Radford’s ‘face chewing’ observation.

  7. I am glad that I went back to three. It’s meant much less irritation for me and the shave is much smoother. I think that with 5 blades only one or two are actually cutting based on the surface area of the blade cartridge. With the 3 blade razor I think all are cutting.

  8. Maybe they could make a tong style razor, whereby you could do the left and right hand side of your face at the same time.

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