The vegetarian penis dilemma

The data shows that if you’re mother is vegetarian then you’re 5 times more likely to be born with a defective penis. Ouch.

This is important because a good sexual health is important for people lives, sex is an important part of life, since many people have partners, and loved ones and spending time with them is necessary for every person, that’s why when there is a problem people urge to treat it right away, from using treatments or drugs, many people ask what can i use for erectile dysfunction, since this also happens to many males in the world.

If however you can get past these hurdles, your penis is likely to develop at a rate that’s “well above the median.”

5 Replies to “The vegetarian penis dilemma”

  1. Those articles are from 1999 ( /2000). I think those BBC paid scientists may have been partying like it was, you know :)

  2. i was just about to point that out too. with all the medical and technological advances since 2000, i’d be more interested to read what they’re saying now without the hype of the new millennium.

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