Light ’em up

On Wednesday I rode my bike into the office for the first time in weeks. With there being lots of 3- and 4-day weekends recently I haven’t gotten as much mileage out of the iron steed as I would have liked. I can’t ride Tuesday or Thursday because of jiu jitsu training, and with Monday or Friday out because of the long weekends it meant that weeks went past without me spinning the wheels. But yesterday that changed and it was a bit dangerous.

Maggie collected me from the office and we went up to Osborne Park to wrangle a refund from the world’s worst shoe manufacturers. She’d been messed around for weeks, felt intimidated by the guys running the store and the shoes still didn’t fit. I was called in to provide the muscle, but as it turns out I wasn’t needed. Anyway, by the time she dropped me back at the office and I collected my things it was dusk and the light was fading.

Thankfully I take bicycle paths for about 90% of the journey, but coming up Albany Hwy without lights was a bit scary, so this morning I went past my local, excellent bike store and picked up some illuminating gadgets.

Planet Bike Beamer 5Smart 7 LED

I bought a Planet Bike Beamer 5 for the front of the bike and a Smart 7 LED for the rear, which according to Bicycle Victoria appears to be the best around. The white light has a flashing mode as well as a strong, solid beam. The rear light has several modes including always on, flashing and an interesting up-down chaser option which provides 320° of visibility. I want to be visible.

I also bought two spare inner tubes. I have the intention of replacing the rear tube over the weekend, if I get a chance, because I suspect I’ll end up busting it with my pump the same way I did the front.

P.S. Do you like my dodgy Pixelmator transparency skillz?

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