LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, and The Baroness

Tonight I went to see LTJ Bukem alongside MC Conrad at Shape nightclub.

Mark came around at about 10:20PM and Aaron picked us up shortly after. Aaron had sorted tickets out earlier so we went in without any problems, plus there wasn’t a line either. We saw Cindy and Shenandoah inside and said hello.

Mark messaged Steve to see what he was up to and after a few messages back and forwards, Steve was on his way. When he got to the club though he was told it was sold out and that he couldn’t get in. It’s a good thing that [censored] works for the company that provides security services to the club. After a quick chat with [censored] on the door we were told there’d be no problem but we’d have to wait 10 minutes for these dickheads to get out of the way. Some chumps were trying to start trouble so security was tied up keeping them out of the club. After 10 minutes or so we went around the back and were escorted in straight away. Too easy. Steve didn’t even have to pay! It felt good to again be on the receiving end of some luck with bouncers as this kind of thing normally happens to other people.

Bukem smashed out a pretty solid set and the crowd were really into it. I started to fade at 2:00AM which was when his set was meant to finish but he played for another 45 minutes due to public demand. I felt sorry for the DJs that were put in a holding pattern but also figured that they’d rather hear another 45 minutes of Bukem too.

The BaronessAaron dropped Steve home and then me about 20 minutes ago. I spent 10 minutes “surfing the web” (how old is that saying?) and I found this picture of The Baroness.’

Sienna Miller is playing her in the upcoming G.I. Joe film.

I talk about that a lot, don’t I?

Those of you that watched the O.C. might (should) remember the episode where Summer dressed up as Wonder Woman for Seth. In case you can’t remember, it was pretty damn hot. You should check it out even if you do remember what I’m talking about.

Maggie… if you’re reading this… Wonder Woman is nice an’ all, but The Baroness is better ;)

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