The Handmaid’s Tale: finished

Last night I finally finished The Handmaid’s Tale. I don’t remember the ending from year 12 – I think I might have skipped it to be honest. It was good to finish it though because it’s taken a few weeks (months?) it had started to become a burden. Regardless, I like the story and enjoyed the read, even though I’m glad to have finished it.

We’re currently working our way through Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus in our book club. I refer to it as Men Are From Mars, Women Love The Penis. That shouldn’t surprise any of you.

3 Replies to “The Handmaid’s Tale: finished”

  1. I’m sure if the guy had have had a better editor that’s what the book would have been called.

    It’s interesting what Mark said about how if you don’t see the book as particularly ground breaking that is most likely because we grew up in an era where the book had been written and entered the mainstream. A lot of what seems to be written in it has just become stereotypes or a part of the media and TV.

    From what you were saying I think Dione and I would have covered most of it a few times over but I’d still be interested in reading it some time. I think having friendship/s with women that aren’t done on the typical “I’m a guy so I’ll treat you like a guy not try to learn hwo we can both interact in a mutually agreeable way” is pretty rare and would probably benefit a lot of guys, a lot. Though you probably have to be a certain type of guy to ever want to do that …

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