My Side of the Mountain

The other night I had a dream about a book I had read when I was in year 6. Actually, I think the book was read to me and my class by my teacher. I really liked it, but could not remember its name. In the past I’ve remembered the book (but still, not the title) and wondered how I’d track it down. I’d even contemplated trying to find the teacher and asking her.

Then the internet was made.

I threw into Google “book is about a boy who lives in a burnt out tree” and the first result it returned was a link to an Amazon review of the very book I’m chasing: Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain.

I’ll let you read the Wikipedia article, but I think we might have the next title (or three even, as it was the first book in a trilogy) for our Book Club… as soon as I finish The Handmaid’s Tale.

Has anyone else read this book, or have a similar story about a book that’s really stuck in their mind?

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  1. Unfortunately yes.

    It was about a bad baby named Ben who ran away into the woods. It’s a children’s book and I’ve searched all over. I managed to find one forum where someone was searching for what I believe to be the identical book. I e-mailed her (albeit 3 years later), and it was indeed the book, but she doesn’t know the title either.

    However, I have managed to remember quite a few childhood books thanks to google, old book bibliography sites and ebay.

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