Academy boys put in a good showing

Today we had three guys from The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts compete in Shooto II, a local MMA event. I checked it out with Aaron and Jacob, and a bunch of other dudes from the club. In all there were 10 fights, though we only stayed until Ian’s fight, which I think was 8th or 9th. Entry was only $15 and it was popular, which translated to everyone being crammed in.

On a side note, I’m always surprised that these gyms never had mega-air-condooli… it’d be the first thing I’d install when renovating, in this case, an old church.

Andy was the first fighter up and he suffered a first-round knock out. He is a kickboxer so I don’t really know him but he put in a good showing before he was caught with a jab, jab, right-hook combo that sent him to sleep. The other fighter we recognized as having a few fights under his belt so it was a good effort on Andy’s part, but an unfortunate outcome.

Our second fighter was Joe, who I train jiu jitsu with. He’s a strong grappler who’ll be getting his blue on Thursday with me. He has a really good side control which we saw demonstrated in his first round submission. He went for the take down and gained side control, on the left of his opponent. He set up a head-arm choke, jumped to mount, and then jumped off to side control on the right. He sunk the choke in deep and scored the tap out in his first MMA fight.

Last up was Ian, one of our blue belt grapplers. This was his first fight and he was competing against a seasoned fighter (it was class-C but we all recognized this guy from other fights). Ian held his own in the first round, scoring more take downs but I thought his boxing wasn’t as good as the other guy’s. In the second round we all thought Ian dominated but loose kick at the end of the round was converted into a take down by his opponent, and the two points he gave up as a result ended up being the deciding factor – 19 vs. 20 at the final bell. Ian was in good spirits and was happy with his showing, as were we all. Adam disputed some of the points but it didn’t end up changing anything.

The club’s got some great talent and it’s good to see our guys tested in this kind of environment. A solid performance always does well for the club’s moral, which will be soaring after today’s efforts.

I took some video on Merv’s camera (that’s what I get for being 6’2″ – I’m the camera man) so hopefully that gets uploaded and I’ll link it in.

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  1. I thought the best part about Joe’s match was how he moved through the guillotine the guy had slapped on him early in the match. That was some really tenacious, solid work I thought. That move at the end to jump and leave mount was cool too :)

    Ian’s match was a shame. We’re obviously biased but I thought he was the stronger grappler and did well to work through the omoplata/kimura. I could see… I’m only 5’11” :)

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