Oprah paddles backwards

I’m working from home today and have the TV on in the background.

First up Dr. Phil had a show about sugar daddies and urban cougars. It was funny watching the female-mojority audience boo the 40 year old guy who had the 18 year old slut, yet cheer the 39 year old bag with a 24 year old dude.

After Dr. Phil was Oprah, and the first part of her show she interviewd a woman talking about her recent diagnosis with breast cancer. This guest was going to use the power of The Secret to heal herself and it was so funny watching Oprah back flip on how The Secret is meant to work, and disavowing the irresponsible attitude of “if I believe it then it’ll happen.”

What’s scary is that in the film the example of someone healing themselves is used, so it’s clearly misleading people.

I guess Oprah doesn’t want the law suits.

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