2007 – Year of the Challenge

2005 was meant to be the Year of the Rumble, and with the exception of a few clowns rough-housing Fitzy nobody saw any action.

2006 wasn’t declared the Year of Anything (to my knowledge). Oh well, it’s almost over.

It’s with great delight that I announce 2007 as the Year of the Challenge. Steve: you may begin rejoicing.

So, what’s it all mean? For me, I’m going to keep a list of things that are a little bit out-there – goals, tasks, interests. Things that I’ve wanted to do before (that require some effort) but haven’t yet achieved.

To make it more “real” I’m going to maintain a list on lambie.org of these said future-accomplishments. It’ll serve a dual purpose; It’ll increase my personal motivation whilst making me somewhat publicly accountable at the same time. You’ll find this list here (also linked at the top of the page).

I obviously don’t have ownership of this idea, and some people might criticize me claiming that if I was really motivated then I’d just get on and do it. The whole point is that these are going to be things I want to do that are not easy and do require some effort or planning – if they were simple then I’d probably have done it already.

7 thoughts on “2007 – Year of the Challenge”

  1. Good combo of goals/achievements to start with.

    Get helicopter license and skydiving skill-set, if you chopper is going down you can always bail and sky dive to safety.

    I’ve done sky diving over the Gold Coast back in 96, also did some jet fighter stunt thing too, although I did get a bit queasy at the stage of doing loops, corkscrews, barrel rolls etc etc. Then I bailed before she (yeah woman stunt pilot) mentioned we’d put all the stunts together in a sequence run…
    Seems I wasn’t accustomed to the G-Forces since my face was pure white at the end.

    Jumping out of a plane at 10k+ feet plummeting to the ground didn’t bother me yet being thrust inside a plane makes me sick.

    Although I hate even flying on commercial planes – the food is naff, thats enough to make me sick.


  2. Beg yours. 2005 was the year I introduced a feral dog to a pub table! I partook in “Year of the Rumble” before the instigator did! :D

    In other news – do you think Steve can RISE to the “challenge”?

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!! Man, that was nasty. Even I’m not speaking to me after re-reading this comment. But FARK I’m funny! :D


  3. What about…

    – Complete an Ironman (www.ironmanwa.com)
    – Ski a Black Run
    – Get a tattoo
    – Race your Datsun Z at the Drags (http://www.motorplex.com.au/)

    And for the ultimate challenge
    – Tell a difficult client what you “really” think of them.

  4. – Ironman isn’t my thing.
    – I probably don’t have enough exposure to snow to realistically board a black run. Skiing is for girls.
    – Every so often I sway between the idea of a tattoo. I know what I want, and Mark and Em owe me it for my 21st birthday ;)
    – I’m taking the Zed out to a track day this Sunday, and the drags wouldn’t require real effort. Competing in Targa West would though.

  5. I think this is a wicked idea. I reckon it’d be cool to have a group goal too like get your best mates to come up witha consensus on a wicked goal for you to achieve. Of course you can say it’s shit or whatever but if you’re looking for ideas/fillers it would be an idea.

    I remember someone a while ago saying that blogs had lost their point but I think this is a good reason for them. Keeps ya honest :)

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